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TV Show Review: Red Band Society

After only one season consisting of just 13 episodes, the TV show Red Band Society comes to an end, yet it captured my heart in every single way. With it’s extraordinary but relatable characters that i fell in love with in an instant, the ups and downs that came naturally being set in a children’s hospital and the drama that always ended in something valuable learnt. I could not have asked for a better TV show to indulge on, the stories come with no embellishments; every backstory that came with a character is pure and untouched. They will continue to inspire me and the most important lesson that i can take away from this show is that life goes on. Whether you just lost your job, your parents just got divorced or you got diagnosed with cancer; the only thing you can do- or perhaps you have to to do is move on and live life with those that make you happy. Rather than dwelling on the negativity, think positively and keep fighting through the struggles you will face in the short life you …

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