Disposable Trials

I wanted to try something new with my photos, i tried editing them a little different and perhaps experimenting with unusual angles but none seemed satisfactory enough. So, I ordered a disposable camera and played around with the look of that- and I am very pleased with how they turned out. The overall grainy look of them excited me as it was different and gave it a rather retro look, and I am definitely going to regularly use disposable cameras in the near future! 

What I love most about these cameras is that you're not completely sure how the photo is going to look, even as the photo is being taken there isn't any certainty about the composition or the lighting. So when the film gets developed, there's that element of surprise; whether it's pleasant or humorous! It's in the moment, and keeping these for later life will be amazing. These pictures are ones that turned out best, i hope you like them!


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