The Five Stages of an Obsession

So you've heard of a certain person or even certain people that your peers or social media have been talking about. You decide to see what they're all about. It starts with a google search which leads to a wikipedia page and suddenly you know who they are, and want to know more. You think it's just another new celebrity; little do you know that you have come across your new obsession. For purposes of this post, i will use the amazing, talented, adorable, beautiful, angel from New Jersey: Charlie Puth (ok ok he is my obsession)

1)    The fact that you took the time to even search them up proves that you are very much interested in them. Whether it was a song, movie or something that went viral, you've heard of them and you want to know more. The first stage starts with what seems like the innocent check up on their several social media accounts; twitter and instagram are popular start-ups. You just want to have a look what their lives, see what they're doing day to day. Charlie is performing on a show, he's swimming in a pool or he's going to have a European tour in September (i think i screamed when i found this out). This becomes into daily stalking, wanting know their every move- not too innocent anymore...

2)    A habit has quickly come about, but it's just the beginning. You are screenshotting endless photos of them on anything you can get your hands on. The internet has wonderful things, and i jump on to apps such as WeHeartIt or Tumblr for some really good photos of Charlie and before you know it, I have created a separate photo album just for the Puth. What have i come to?

3)    Just when you think the worst is over, you completely forget all about the wonders of Youtube. This is where it gets incredibly dangerous. Youtube is your key into almost everything about him. So I get on to youtube and just type in 'Charlie Puth' and lo behold- a bank of covers from his old youtube channel. You see, before Charlie became known as the singer from the 'Fast and Furious 7' tribute song for Paul Walker, 'See You Again'; he had been uploading song covers since '09 on his youtube channel. 3 hours later, I had watched the majority of covers sung by the heavenly voice of Charlie Puth and was frazzled. How had my interest gone to spending 3 hours listening to this guy? I knew I couldn't let myself get out of hand- but it seemed I already had. I couldn't stop there.

4)    Since youtube was already there waiting for me, I hesitantly typed out these dreaded words into the very enticing search bar: 'Charlie Puth INTERVIEWS'. Before I had realised what I'd done, my fingers instinctually hit the enter key. And that is when i knew it was all over. Lists and lists of videos on the screen, i couldn't resist. 2 minute video. 3 minute video. 8 minute video. 12 minute video. 33 MINUTE VIDEO. Oblivious that it was 33 minutes until the very end. DAMN YOU ZACH SANG & THE GANG. I now knew Charlie Puth more than ever.

5)    I had decided then that I was most definitely in love and obsessed with Mr. Puth. Adding all of his songs onto my playlist was the first step of broadcasting my love for him, playing them on repeat over and over again was next, and finally i went all out. He was my background, I tweeted about him and to him for 7 days in a row, searched up his concerts and annoyed the heck out of my sister by talking about him non-stop. The 5 stages were over, and now i can love him in peace.

Where interest quickly turned into obsession in a matter of days, I know what you are going through. I have been through these stages many times before, and i thought i had learnt my lessons from previous occasions but i am too engaged in the person that i completely forget all about these stages. I hope you enjoyed and related to the struggles of the likes of me- you can't avoid it, so why not make a post about it? Charlie Puth is currently working on his new album 'Some Type of Love' and the EP is out now, so definitely check it out for some gorgeous music that will get you begging for more. (Here we go, promoting for him now...)

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