Easter Crafts

Easter's just around the corner, and its a great time to make all these great arts and crafts for the occasion. Chocolate eggs, egg hunts and some things you might do on an Easter day. To craft-en up your home, you might wanna try making some of these things that I've tried out this week! I got all these amazing ideas from Pinterest, a cool app/website you can look for all sorts of things to do on there! 

Egg Painting
This is a classic Easter craft to do, painting eggs is a great way to decorate your home, on window sills or by your front coffee table! Instead of painting a boiled egg, you can also poke a hole maybe we a sharp needle or a toothpick carefully at the bottom of the egg where its a bit flatter than the other surfaces and slowly take out all the insides. Then paint!

Candle Egg
Now once you've painted your egg, another crafty idea is to put in a candle! A candle egg is a beautiful way to decorate your house, and it'll look gorgeous on your dining table at home. 
For this candle egg, it's a good idea not to take out your insides because you're going to have to crack the top half of your egg. This takes precision and careful hands, so break your egg and remove all the insides again. Paint it however you like! Finally, place a small enough candle to fit in your egg. If you have already taken out the insides, then you can place it with the candle ones side by side for variety!

Bunny Bookmark
This is for the sewing geeks! Make some bunny bookmarks for your friends to wish them a good Easter, simple and fun to create. Find a bunny that you'd like to recreate and collect the fabric you'd want to use for it. Or even make a cool corner bookmark out of paper and decorate it however you like :)

Hope you guys tried out these little Easter crafts, a little crafty side of me and i hope to do more of them! Have a Happy Easter Holiday and a relaxing one too!


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