Summer Jams Playlist

Spotify was the best thing to happen to me, when it comes to listening to music. No longer do I have to buy my music on iTunes then get bored of it within two weeks. I can just pick and choose what to listen to, and simply search for any song in the entire world. Pure brilliance. I compiled a little playlist filled with songs that I have been listening to throughout these summer months. I've been watching a couple of movies this holiday and my favourite thing to do is to Shazam (an app which will listen to the song for you, and identify it) the songs featured on the film. So several of the songs on this playlist are taken from the movies or TV shows: American Hustle, Modern Family, The Amazing Spiderman 1 & 2 (I love Andrew Garfield) and Paper Towns. There is a complete mix of songs on this playlist, so hopefully it will suit to everyone's personal preference of music.

All of these songs on this playlist are on my spotify! So go check me out on 'Sofina Suhaimi' and give this playlist a follow. Let me know your summer jams playlist in the comments, and which songs you liked.


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