Photography: Lensofina

Hello there!
I have taken photography again, and this time for real. This summer I have been snapping some pictures with my Canon EOS 650D whenever I can and let's say some of those pictures turned out well. Really well. I have edited them on a software called 'Adobe Lightroom' and they look great, for an amateur photographer.
I would really love some feedback and tips on my photos cause i know they are not professional, and I would like to improve my skills. I spent my holiday in Malaysia, so all of these were taken in Malaysia of course. They are just some of my favourites out of a bunch of photos i took.

Also, I have posted some of my previous photos on my new photography accounts called 'LENSOFINA'. Search me up on Instagram and Tumblr (links below) and you can have a look at my older works, if ya want. Follow me, Like up and I'll follow you back.

Thanks people, peace out and enjoy the photos.


A little jump to kick-start the holidays

My loving and hard-working grandmother.

My sister playing in peace, or finding the peace in playing.


My sister, fireworkin'

My cousin

My two cousins, siblings.

Loves the camera, such a poser.





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