New Beginning...

I have moved to the UK, and oh boy it's been a change..

At the start of the academic year i joined a new school in England: a boarding school. I've survived half of my first term and so far it's been swell. VERY different to what I had in the sunny Oman but I've got used to it over the two months. Since Its a fresh new start, i decided to take up blogging again because I've been thinking a lot of things that I thought I might want to share with some of you.

Tunes Tuesday will begin again as Tuesdays are one of the days I have spare time in the boarding house. I will try to blog about my everyday life as well as recent online topics as much as I can. No promises being made AT ALL here because I suspect that it will take me quite a while to get everything sorted together for a whole blog post, I like to keep stuff neat and stuff :)

Now that's out of the way, here's what I got up to during Halloween!
First Look: Scarecrow for a Halloween Disco I had to help out at for my old school! So much fun doing this costume and had fun making cotton candy for the kids :)

Second Look: Miley Cyrus! Absolutely LOVE Miley, she is my QUEEN. Her look is just so perfect I decided to mimic it, mainly using her 'We Can't Stop' video look but with two space buns since I don't have as short hair as her. Loved it! Plus lots of candy ;)

Hope you guys enjoyed the return of Sofina, comment what you were for Halloween! Also hope to be blogging more in the future. Have a good november!


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