Brick Lane: Overrated?

A slightly different type of post, just to share my thoughts and photographs whilst on my outing to Shoreditch and more specifically, Brick Lane.

Lately, the fashion statement of today is pretty much all VINTAGE. I'm not against this trend, to be honest I'm getting caught up in the retro buzz as much as the next person however the constant reference to Brick Lane has caught my attention. If you don't know where Brick Lane is, it is located in East London where many old-fashioned shops have been for a long time. However now it has turned into a place of high fashion, where most young people go shopping and so I decided to have a look myself. To see what all the fuss what about, and to be honest... It's an awesome place.

It is a photographer's heaven, so much graffiti around with the works such as Banksy here and there. The things I could find there to photograph were limitless, with so many eccentric people around. On the fashion side, there were so many varieties to choose from. There were countless one-off, second hand clothing shops and the odd proper store that actually has more than one of the same type of clothing. That day, I realised I wasn't that much into vintage clothing, it was all old and not much my style. So maybe I wasn't loving the fashion side, but the photography side was incredible. 

Here are a selection of photos that I managed to snap on my trip to Brick Lane. I recommend you to go to Brick Lane if you're into that kind of retro style that's quite popular now.


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