Happy Twenty-Fourteen: NEW CHAPTER

Happy Twenty-Fourteen bloggers!
It is a new year and a much bigger year for me. Last year was a pre-prep for what is in store for 2014, and I'm determined more than ever to start doing fresh and big things. I've never really taken much notice for new year's resolutions, but this year it means more than anything. I am going to try to stick with these resolutions and to hopefully complete them. And here they are:


1. Be Organised
- As I started a new school with a new system, plus my mum wasn't there to nag me to do stuff- i lacked organisation big time. I constantly missed extra curricular lessons and wasn't on time for anything. Most of the time i just wasn't focused, so this new year I am going to try to plan all my days in the week and STICK BY IT!

2. Lose Weight and Get Fit
- I am definitely not the skinniest of the bunch, and not the healthiest either, it's time to start eating healthier as well as doing much more exercise. I hope to lose enough weight to be average sized.

3. Remove All Negativity in my Life
- As well as meeting nice people there are a few very negative people that I have met in the new school. They influence me far too much and I need to start mixing with nicer and more positive people. I heard that the people you surround yourself with influence you and impact your life much more than you think. Positive people, a better life.

So let's do this! I'm pumped for 2014, let me know your new years resolutions and get started with your new lifestyle as soon as possible! I can't guarantee I'll stick with these, but I'm going to try as hard as I can- Have a happy new year everyone!


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