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Hey peopless,
So i just came back from Dubai this weekend and so i haven't been blogging these past few days.. I seem to be saying this a lot so I think from now on i'm just gonna say I will be posting something every week, there won't be a specific day for each post so i don't disappoint people (even if i don't have any followers, i know that you guys do view this blog and i hope you like it).
I would have loved to upload great quality photos of the Burj Al Khalifa but unfortunately i didn't bring my d-slr over to dubai :( Regretted it so much!
Anyway, starting from now on, i will be doing a 'Tunes Tuesday' where i'll post one or two songs that i've been enjoying this week. If you enjoyed the song or have any opinions on it, I'd love for you guys to comment some feedback on it. Any queries or suggestions of anything else i could do is much appreciated!
Have a great rest of the week everyone :)


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