Merry Chr-- March!

Well hello there, is it March already?
Time's gone by quickly since the last time i blogged saying it was February!
So this March, I will be trying out some new crafty ideas since I have recently joined Pinterest. Some great ideas have been scrolling through my feed, and I can't wait to try them out! I will be sharing them with you shortly.
Some of the ideas I'm going to have in mind is Hand Dotted Tumblers, Show Hangers, Creative Quoted Posters and more. Unfortunately I won't be able to blog this week on these crafts since I will be going out of town for a Literary competition, but i will definitely be able to blog at least one the week after. Thanks for bearing with me!

Oh, and for my instagram followers on my youtuber dedicated account (@helloooointernet) , the picture of me with nutella covered all over my face will be done this thursday! ;)

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