Valentine's Cupcakes!

Hey there!
I've run out of excuses. I've been so busy lately, that i haven't had any time to blog! I'm really sorry, but i'm determined to start blogging more regularly. Regarding Tunes Tuesday, i will be posting those whenever i find two particularly great songs to share with you all. Hope you'll forgive me!

So a few weeks ago it was Valentines day and i had made cupcakes for the occasion because i had a lot of orders coming in for some! I gave an option for the typical chocolate and vanilla, but also red velvet. Here are some of the designs are put together for the cupcakes.

For the mini chocolate hearts that i stuck on top of the cake, i bought these packet of little biscuit hearts which are literally called, 'Little Hearts' and they taste so sweet and crispy! Then i melted some chocolate and simply dipped it in that, quickly sprinkled some colourful hundreds of thousands on top and voila. Pop it into the fridge and when you've put on the icing, just place it on top of the cake however you like it!

 For this topper, i stole some coffee mixers from Costa's cut them into half then glue-gunned the paper heart decoration on the top. Then simply stick it into the cake and you've got yourself a nice topper! I put this topper a little too high so maybe push it into the cake a little more than i did.

I hope I've given you all some inspiration and ideas for your own cakes and try them out yourself using your own secret recipe! Again, much apologies for not blogging much these past few weeks but hopefully i'll be more active towards the future.



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