Tunes Tuesday #3

Here's another round of Tunes Tuesday!

All Around the World (Acoustic) - Justin Bieber
As well as being a directioner, I also was a belieber (still am) and when i heard Believe Acoustic came out i rushed to listen to it and all i have to say is.. IT IS PERFECT. Justin's pure voice really reaches out through this album and it's been on repeat for the past week! Love it so much but one of my favourites on the album is 'All Around the World'

I Would - Justin Bieber
I also liked a new song on the album 'I Would'. It's quite a relaxed song to listen to whilst chilling at home so that's why i love it! I Would is one of three new songs in the album Believe Acoustic; 'Yellow Raincoat' and 'Nothing Like Us'. Have a listen if you haven't already!

Valentines day is coming up soon, so this weekend I'll be baking baking baking. Look out for some cupcake posts next week!


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