Tunes Tuesday #2

Huge apologies for not posting last Tuesday, I'm sorry for all these excuses but here's the very last one!(hopefully) I had a major important entrance exam to get into a boarding school that I hope to go to in Year 9.

So here are the two songs that I have enjoyed this week :)

Thinkin' 'Bout You - Frank Ocean (lyric video)
So here are the two songs that i have enjoyed this week. My friend Rachel introduced me to Frank Ocean earlier this week and i have LOVED his album 'Channel Orange'. One of my favourite songs is 'Thinkin' 'Bout You'. The tune is so unbelievably amazing!

Thought Of You - Justin Bieber (Audio)
My second choice of the week has quite a high-low pitchy tune. It's called, 'Thought of You' by Justin Bieber. In the chorus, the way the pitch suddenly goes high to 'Thought of You-ooh-ooh' is my favourite part, AH it gives me chills :)


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