I absolutely LOVE One Direction. The way they flip their hair just gets me overwhelmed, and they've definitely got that one thing.
For those of you who don't know One Direction (and those of you who have been living under a rock...) I'll be telling you ALL about them, since i am an expert at them. Ask me anything, i guarantee I can answer every question about them ;)

So they all started off as individuals auditioning for the X Factor UK, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Liam Payne in 2010. As the competition progressed, the judges decided the five should be put into a band to work together. Although they came third place, Simon Cowell signed them to 'Modest' and now they are basically the biggest boy band in the WORLD.
Their true fans are called, 'directioners' (which i am one) and they are crazy. Just CRAZY. Some of us will call us, 'obsessed' but we're dedicated. To put a long story short, those five idiots have ruined our lives.
Harry with his lush curls and the cutest dimples, Louis' humour and sassiness, Zayn's bad-boy image and sexiness, Niall's charming smile and irish spice and Liam's caring personality as well as his cuteness.

Most of you will have heard their famous songs, 'What Makes You Beautiful' , 'One Thing' on the radio a lot.  And their new album Take Me Home came out in November. Some directioners will just keep up with the music, though some of us professional fangirls (yes, Tyler Oakley moment) will stalk the living daylights out of them.

HAYLOR. Before all of you start RANTING and SHOUTING at me, yes i still can't believe they're real...
Sorry not sorry, I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT SHIP HAYLOR. If you guys don't ship haylor either, comment, because they are just WRONG. But i guess it's none of our business and it's Harry's decision but i just can't ship them. Never. And at New Year's Eve? When they KISSED. NU-UH. We'll just have to see where this Haylor stuff goes because it's driving everyone mad!

Now on a lighter note, THE KISS YOU VIDEO IS COMING OUT TOMORROW, Monday!!! Be prepared for an up-beat fun video guys! If you haven't heard it, search it up on youtube, the lyric video is out :)

Well guys I hope I gave you an up to date news post on One Direction, and if you didn't know them, i hope you know them now and love them as much as i do! :') ♥


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