Hi there :)
It's a new year, new start and this year i've decided to make this blog. Let me tell you a little about myself;
My name is Sofina, I'm 13 years young and i looove baking, love keeping up to date with entertainment and have taken an interest in photography!
In this blog, there will be all sorts of things but mainly to do with (as it says in the description) :
Baking - My favourite recipes, recipes i've tried recently and different designs to top them off.
Entertainment - Recent songs that i find out about and really enjoy, new bands/singers that i discover and any other relevant big celebrity news!
Photography - I've recently started to play around with my D-SLR that i got over the summer trying out different things to take of and i will post them on this blog.

So I'll be trying to post whenever i can, possibly every other day as I have school and homework ETC.. hopefully you will all enjoy this blog and follow me! :)


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