Freezing Water

Just today i had my weekly photography lesson and we had a practice using fast shutter speeds for freezing water. We had a great time taking different shots, my teacher then brought out some watercolours to colour the water to make it more interesting, and it turned out successfully! We did take some cool shots however, when i popped to the classroom to get something, someone had handled my camera and deleted some of the best pictures! Annoying as it is, I managed to take some other good shots so here they are!

At the Hyatt Club swimming pool.
Clear Water, rock dropping.
From the side, pink coloured water.

From above, loads of little splashes!
Using a fast shutter speed with a small aperture really gives the best effects in frozen water shot. Although in the first picture on the top, my ISO was much too high which is why it looks a little darker than the others. Hope i helped any of you beginners in photography, it's really fun to do on an 'I-have-nothing-to-do' day :) Please take your time to comment on any tips you have or maybe any ideas on  what i should try out next. Thanks!


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