So before i started this blog, of course i had made some previous cakes. The ones below are double layered and all the same flavour, chocolate cake with oreo icing filling. It's a really easy cake to do, and it's really yummy too! The oreo icing is the best part and i love it! Sorry for the bad quality photos guys, i just was in a rush and took them with my phone.

 The 1D cake was for my friend michele's birthday order and since she loves One Direction as much as i do, i hand-iced the logo myself and sprinkled some party pink and yellow sprinkles around the logo. It turned out great and she loved it!

 This chocolate themed birthday cake was for my other friend, Carol's birthday order. When i asked her what decoration she wanted, all she said was "CHOCOLATE. A LOT OF CHOCOLATE." which gave me the idea to buy loads of different brands of chocolate bars, split them and stick them in on top of the whipped cream covering over the top. It was delicious and everyone at the party loved it! 

It was my form tutor's birthday that Saturday and i decided i really wanted to make a birthday cake for him and surprise him on the morning of that day. So during the weekend, my mum did a little research and found this design just like the one above and we decided to follow that design. It's basically oreo's opened up or cut in half then stuck on some chocolate buttons as eyes, added some mouths with icing and voila! To make sure the choc buttons stay on and to add a cool effect to the eyes, put a small dob of icing/whipped cream on the oreo and stick on the button. When we surprised him with this cake, he literally was so happy he was close to tears! :')


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